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Emergency Services

Emergency Services
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Let’s say you got home late after working overtime and just want to get a good night’s sleep after all the work you did. Unfortunately, by the time you got to the garage and parked your car in, you noticed that the door refused to close no matter how hard you pushed the remote or wall control. You know you can’t leave it hanging open just like that but you are worried that no technician will answer your call because it is really late. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore! Our company, Garage Door Repair Meadow Woods, operates 7 days a week, so you don’t have to be concerned about leaving the malfunctioning door unfixed.

The reason we work 7 days a week is specifically to cater to requests such as these.

Emergency ServicesWe understand that leaving the garage door unrepaired - especially during unearthly hours - becomes a security risk as there are burglars, trespassers or even pesky animals that can enter your home. We also understand that the longer the problem persists, the riskier it is for your home. You can be assured that our professionals will arrive soon and they will also repair the damage swiftly and efficiently. This way you can sleep well at night knowing your home is secure.

Additional Services:

Apart from emergency requests, here is a list of other services we provide:

• Garage Door Replacement - If your old door is bent and/or broken beyond repair, we can replace and install a new one for you. We also recommend the right type of door for your garage. One of the reasons many homeowners are not satisfied with their door is because they picked the wrong one.

• Garage Door Repair - We can fix major and minor defects on the door. We repair broken springs, cables, openers, tracks, rollers, chains, remote/wall controls, and even doors. Our professionals have the skills and right equipment to repair these defects.

• Garage Door Maintenance - If you do not have enough time to maintain your door, you can hire us to do it for you. We do the door balance and alignment tests, lubricate rollers and tracks of the door, and chain of the opener.

If you require our assistance, you can call us anytime. Join our growing family of loyal customers who have put their faith in us, and we are popular because we are always available.

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