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Do you have questions about garage doors and their components? You'll find the following answers useful

Is it possible to replace just the damaged part of my garage door?

Of course, but it still depends on the damage and which part was damaged. It also depends on the brand of the door and if the damaged part is still being manufactured. It is best to consult our experts so they can inspect it.

What are the things to consider when selecting a garage door?

When choosing a garage door you must consider the size of the opening of your garage. Accurate measurement is important to ensure you receive the right door size. Other things to consider include the material made, temperature in your area, insulation, style, design, and budget. The good news is that there are several options that optimally suit your preference and requirements.

How often should I have my garage door maintained?

Annual preventive maintenance is recommended, but routine checking is necessary to ensure that all parts are safely and smoothly working. Monthly visual inspection is required to check all parts, but regular maintenance involves lubrication and adjustment of parts. Just make sure to have all these performed and you can be sure that your door is safe to use at all times.

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