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Use these tips to learn more about garage doors and what to do about them

Want to know more about garage doors, their parts and maintenance? We have compiled this list of tips which covers all the most important concerns of all our clients. Check out the information below and find amazing ideas you can try for extending the life of your garage door and its many components.

Why it is important to lubricate the hinges

Just like your garage door springs, the hinges are also dealing with stress every time you use your door. Imagine the heat being produced when metal rubs metal. This is why lubricating the hinges is also very important to keep your door in pristine condition. Our specialists suggest that you clean them before applying lubricant.

Do a reversal test

Test your garage door reversing feature every month by placing a roll of paper towels in the center of the door. Then, push the button and the door should reverse within one or two seconds before making contact. If it does make contact, call us and our technicians will check and repair or replace the door sensors to avoid the possibility of serious injury. We have the right parts and tools to do the job correctly and keep your door operating smoothly for years to come.

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